Dr. Marijon Kayßer

Dr. Marijon Kayßer


Tel.: +49 (0) 69 972 65 60-10
Fax: +49 (0) 69 972 65 60-99
Languages: German, English

Dr. Marijon Kayßer, Partner, is a recognized attorney in white-collar cases. Over the years she has dealt with an extensive number of high-profile cases in all areas of white collar crime, such as fraud, breach of trust, bribery and corruption, bankruptcy, tax evasion, insider trading, anti-trust, export control and unfair competition law. In addition, since many years Marijon Kayßer provides counseling in the growing field of prevention in criminal law. For numerous German and International enterprises she had developed compliance programs and had trained their employees. In her practice for companies affected by white collar crime, she has extensive experience with investigative and regulatory bodies, in particular in matters of industrial espionage and product piracy.

Dr. Marijon Kayßer heads the white collar crime group at Klinkert after beginning her career as an assistant professor at the Frankfurt Institute for Criminal Law and more than 10 years with Jones Day’s Corporate Criminal Investigations practice.

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  • Representation of individuals in all stages of a criminal defense matter from initial investigation to appeal. Defending the client's rights during investigations of all prosecuting authorities, including parliamentary committees of enquiry.;
  • Representation and defense of companies during investigations. Coordination of parallel civil litigation and forfeiture proceedings; extensive experience in multi-jurisdictional matters; defending client's interest during searches and seizures. Coaching and witness representation; reputation management and press coverage;
  • Representation of companies affected by white collar crime, initiation and monitoring of private or public investigations, coordination and advice to related civil litigation (compensation damages, asset freeze and forfeiture proceedings, labour law); substantive experience in intellectual property protection;
  • Corporate Compliance Advice, weak-point analysis, design or improvement of compliance plans, implementation of adequate control mechanisms, employee training, function of an ombudsman (Industries: Pharmaceutical industry, Chemical industry, Medical devices, Energy, Automotive, IT).

Selected Matters / Projects

  • We and our clients want to avoid public attention. And even if publicity was ineluctable, it is not in our client's interest to find the matter at our website again. We therefore abstained from mentioning clients and identifiable matters.

Publications / Lectures

  • Reviews: Dahs, "Handbuch des Strafverteidigers"; Hamm/Lohberger, "Beck´sches Formularbuch für den Strafverteidiger"; Bockemühl (Hg.), "Handbuch des Fachanwalts Strafrecht"; Brüssow u. a., "Strafverteidigung in der Praxis", StV 2003, in: "Strafverteidiger" 5/03, p. 311 f.;
  • "Der Schutz vor Kapitalanlagebetrug reicht nicht aus", (together with T. Hild) in: "Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung" of February 02, 2002;
  • "Im Ausland sind Strafen für Unternehmen bereits üblich", (together with E. Hild) in: "Frankfurter Allgemeinen Zeitung" of June 25, 1999;
  • La insostenible situación del Drecho Penal. Instituto de Ciencias Criminales de Frankfurt" (ed.), "Área de Derecho Penal de la Universidad Pompeu Fabra" (ed. española). Sobre el potencial incriminador de los principios limitadores del Derecho penal. Competencias penales en la cuestión del aborto, Frankfurt 1999, p. 149 ff.
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  • "Zivilrecht und Strafrecht - Rechtsordnung und Gerichtswesen", in "Bürger, Recht, Staat. Handbuch des öffentlichen Lebens in Deutschland", 1. edition, Frankfurt 1992; updated issue Frankfurt 1997
  • Dr. Marijon Kayßer has lectured widely on criminal law, criminal proceedings and their fundamentals at universities and symposia.

Membership / Appointments

  • Member of the German Criminal Defense Lawyers Association „Deutsche Strafverteidiger"; as a long term member of the board she was a regular commentator to legislation proposed in the area of criminal and procedural law;
  • Member of Deutscher Anwaltverein, Arbeitsgemeinschaft Strafrecht;
  • Member of the German-Israeli Lawyers Association;
  • Member of WisteV (Assocation of White-collar-crime Attorneys);
  • Member of the German Lawyers Congress;
  • Member of the International Association for Legal and Social Philosophy.

Career / Education

  • Founding partner of Klinkert (2010);
  • Counsel at Jones Day Frankfurt 1999-2009, Responsibility: Corporate Criminal Investigation (CCI);
  • Member of the Commission for Ethical Questions of the Faculty of Medicine of the Johann Wolfgang Goethe- University Frankfurt (1997- 2002);
  • Elisabeth-Selbert-Award of the State of Hessen for outstanding academic achievement, 1996;
  • PhD. in 1996;
  • Research and taught at the Institute for Criminal Law at the University of Frankfurt, chaired by Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. mult. Winfried Hassemer, judge and vice president of the Federal Constitutional Court(1989-1999, with time- out for legal clerkship);
  • Johann Wolfgang Goethe-University Frankfurt (First State Exam, 1989).