White Collar Defense

We advise companies and managers in all aspects of economic criminal law.  We provide preventative advice and we act as counsel for the defense if needed, or if your company has been the victim of a crime.

As preventative services, we at Klinkert, identify risks under criminal law develop measures to avoid the risks, not just in general and in the abstract, but specifically with regard to the unique situation. If there are investigations, anyway, we defend you with dedication as well as efficiency and look to avoid or at least minimize the negative effects on daily business.  This applies for the company, for which we act as the contact point for the investigative authorities, as well as for an accused member of management.

We advise and defend you

  • against accusations of economic crimes, including criminal tax law;
  • when coordinating also cross-border investigations and criminal proceedings conducted by various investigative authorities and committees and any subsequent court proceedings.

If companies become the focus of criminal investigations, we at Klinkert stand by you from the very start with strength and experience. 

We support you

  • on site during searches and seizures;
  • when communicating and, if applicable, cooperating with criminal prosecution authorities in order to clarify criminal accusations early;
  • for necessary internal investigations which go beyond standard internal investigation procedures and involve detailed examination with qualified, proper investigation and questioning of employees by specialists in criminal law;
  • coordination of proceedings against employees of your business, coordination with public authorities and individual defense attorneys as well as cooperation with experts in tax law, employment law, civil law and press law;
  • with our expertise in advice for your managers for witness interrogations by external authorities and identifying competent legal counsel from among our network of colleagues or with our own very well-respected work as counsel for witnesses.

At Klinkert, we also act on behalf of managers

  • by  defending in all phases of criminal proceedings: in investigative proceedings and intervening proceedings, in the main trial and in appeals;
  • representing your rights as the accused against the state prosecutors and courts, for example in searches, seizures of assets and investigative detention;
  • with a customized defense strategy based on our broad range of knowledge and experience, but always tailored to fit the always unique situation;
  • by working closely together with experts in other areas of the law, for example, when defending against claims in civil law.

At Klinkert, we protect and support you if your company is harmed by economic crime

  • with special expertise and experience in the field of protecting secrets and knowhow;
  • with precise clarification of the facts, also with expert guidance for accountants and private investigators;
  • by filing criminal complaints and initiating investigations by the authorities;
  • by representing your interests before the investigative authorities;
  • in coordinating the securing of claims domestically and in foreign countries, for example, with preliminary attachment and enforcement measures and by asserting claims under civil law, sometimes by using under criminal law to secure, above all with our civil litigation attorneys at Klinkert Rechtsanwälte.


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