You need your business to be in compliance with an immense regulatory environment and observe the requirements and prohibitions set by law and your own company while avoiding any potential harm in international markets. 

At Klinkert, we help you make sure that your company identifies the regulatory requirements and also implements them in practical manner because only practical solutions protect against harm and liability.  We identify the risks of liability under criminal law for your business and employees.  If a violation has already occurred, we defend your interests and advise you in solving complex situations. We also advise you on how to prevent crises in the future.

Together with you

  • we identify the precise potential weaknesses in your business;
  • we develop a compliance concept adapted to the interests and needs of your business; this does not always mean more rules because efficiency often requires fewer rules;
  • we install external and internal monitoring mechanisms at different levels to effectively monitor the success of your business;
  • we train and sensitize your employees in order to avoid violations of the law;
  • we guide your internal investigations by experienced criminal lawyer.



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