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Dr. Hermann Schlindwein, Partner, is a recognized expert in sports law as well as M&A and private equity. He advises on sports marketing, sponsoring, law of associations, sports employment law, player transfers and TV marketing. His clients include international sports marketing agencies, sports associations, football clubs, football trainers, players and other individual athletes as well as companies involved in the sports industry. He is one of the lawyers listed in "Best Lawyers" for corporate law, as well as being listed in the Who’s Who of sports law. Dr. Hermann Schlindwein leads the firm's practice group for sports law.

  • Advice on the development and realization of overall marketing concepts and events;
  • Advice regarding player transfers. Dr. Schlindwein has advised on over one hundred player transfers, including Emerson, Kevin Kuranyi, Raúl, Huntelaar, Eduardo, Luiz Gustavo, Firmino and Draxler;
  • Appointment to the list of arbitrators at the German Court of Arbitration of the DIS as an arbitrator in the sports sector;
  • More than 20 years' experience in M&A and private equity.  Advising investors, companies and clubs in various types of transactions in the sports, media and entertainment sector.
  • DFL Deutsche Fußball Liga GmbH in the tender for national TV and other media rights for the German Bundesliga and the 2nd Bundesliga, the creation of a new model employment contract for the licensed players of the German Bundesliga and the 2nd Bundesliga as well as contracts for foreign marketing of the DFL;
  • DFL Sports Enterprises GmbH on the marketing of media clips and archive pictures of the German Bundesliga and 2. Bundesliga and on the standard agreement regarding the international marketing of TV and other media rights of the German Bundesliga and 2. Bundesliga;
  • International Management Group (IMG) on its activities in Germany, Austria and Switzerland (e.g. the marketing of 1. FC Köln, VfL Wolfsburg, TSV 1860 München, GAK Graz, the Four Hills Tournament (Joint Venture with RTL and all marketing contracts), the German Open Tennis Tournament and the Betty Barclay Cup and the marketing of individual athletes, the Berlin Fashion Week, player transfers;
  • Sportfive on the conclusion of the media agency contract with the UEFA concerning the UEFA EC 2008 and with FIFA for the FIFA WC 2010;
  • FC Schalke 04 on player transfers as well as other legal matters for the Club's licensed players department;
  • VfL Bochum for player transfers, marketing, sponsoring as well as other legal matters for the club;
  • Dresdner Kleinwort on the planning and realization of a professional triathlon team (including Normann Stadler and Timo Bracht) as well as on the development and the implementation of an award winning anti-doping concept in cooperation with the German Triathlon Union and the National Anti-Doping Agency;
  • Germany – "Land of Ideas" on the image campaign of the German Federal Government and the German Federation of industry (BDI) for the FIFA WC 2006, as well as on the image campaign for the federal government and the Foreign Office relating to the Olympic Games 2008;
  • German Sports Associations (German Fencing Association, German Hockey Association, German Table Tennis League, German Golf Association, Association of German Bicyclists);
  • DSM (Deutsche Sportmarketing) on issues in connection with the merger of DSB and NOK;
  • Stiftung Deutsche Sporthilfe on issues of marketing;
  • Olympic Committee of Qatar: development and implementation of a concept for a professional football league;
  • Proceedings in arbitration and for association: including Bayer 04 Leverkusen before the UEFA; Chris (Eintracht Frankfurt) before the CAS; BDR in proceedings against Lens Lehman;
  • Advent International on the acquisition of Sportfive;
  • Advent International on the auction procedure and the sale of Sportfive to Lagadére;
  • International Management Group GmbH (IMG) on the planned acquisition of Upsolut GmbH;
  • International Management Group GmbH (IMG) on the sale of sportal.de to a group of private investors;
  • International Management Group GmbH (IMG) on the spin-off of a sports department;
  • T21plus on its incorporation;
  • International Management Group GmbH (IMG) on the sale of their 100 per cent shares in Nunet AG, the world leader in mobile TV, to NASDAQ-listed KIT digital, Inc.;
  • Deutsche Tischtennis Liga on the incorporation of the league under corporate law and laws of association.
  • "The work of the Attorney in the Football Transfer Window" ("Die anwaltliche Arbeit im Fußball-Transferfenster"), lead article in Bayerischer Anwaltsbrief, July 2010;

  • "Success catapults Football Clubs to new Dimensions for Sales" ("Erfolg katapultiert Fußballclubs in neue Umsatzdimensionen"), article in the Börsenzeitung (special supplement for finance and football), issue dated 5 June 2010;

  • "Mainly liquidity; the Licensing Process of the National Football League and its Limits" ("Hauptsache Liquidität; Das Lizenzierungsverfahren der Fußball-Bundesliga und seine Grenzen"), special supplement "Financing in Professional Football" in the magazine GoingPublic 2010;

  • Lecture in connection with the workshops at the SpoBiS 2010 on the topics "Granting Territorial Television Rights" ("Territoriale Fernsehrechtevergabe") and "Hospitality";

  • Lecturer at the 15th German Sponsoring Convention on 10 November 2009 on the topic  "HSB Hospitality in the B-2-B field" ("HSB Hospitality im B 2 B-Bereich") and "Sponsoring in Light of the 13th Agreement between the German States amending the Broadcasting Agreement ("Sponsoring im Lichte des 13. Rundfunkänderungsstaatsvertrages (13. RÄStV))";

  • "The CAS Decision in the Matuzalem Case " ("Die CAS Entscheidung im Fall Matuzalem") in the magazine in the German Football League 08/2009;

  • Lecture on the topic of training for negotiation at the University of Zurich on 22 April 2009;

  • "Question Remain open in Sports and the Law" ("Bei Sport und Gesetz bleiben Fragen offen"), an essay in EXTRA Sportrecht, Horizont Sportbusiness 4/2009;

  • Lecturer at the 14th German Sponsoring Convention on 22 October 2008 with the topic "Innovative Sponsoring Concepts – Strategy, Planning, Implementation, illustrated with the Sponsoring Concept of the Dresdner Kleinwort Triathlon Team" ("Innovative Sponsoringkonzepte – Strategie, Planung, Umsetzung, dargestellt am Sponsoringkonzept des Dresdner Kleinwort Triathlon-Team";

  • Lecturer at the 13th German Sponsoring Convention on 14/15 March 2007 with the topic "Traps and Current Problems in Event Contracts and Team Sponsor Contracts" ("Fallstricke und aktuelle Probleme bei Event- und Teamsponsorverträgen");

  • Lecturer at the 12th German Sponsoring Convention on 5/6 April 2006 with the topic "Fragmentation of Media Rights" ("Fragmentierung der Medienrechte");

  • "M&A in Germany", Bloomberg TV live interview guest on 9 January 2006;

  • "Carrots and Sticks – How Financial Investors involve the Management in Acquired Companies" ("Zuckerbrot und Peitsche – Wie Finanzinvestoren das Management übernommener Firmen einbinden") in Handelsblatt on 28 December 2005;

  • "WM 2006 – Sponsors and Trademark Rights", ("WM 2006 -Sponsoren und Markenrechte"), Bloomberg TV interview guest on 27 July 2005;

  • Lecturer at the 11th German Sponsoring Convention on 9/10 March 2005 with the topic "Marketing Agreements";

  • "The games should be repeated" ("Spiele sollten wiederholt werden"), article in the FAZ on 31 January 2005;

  • Lecturer at the club forum organized by Sponsor's 2005 in Frankfurt, Hanover, Leverkusen and Stuttgart with the topic "Structuring Professional Marketing Agreements" ("Gestaltung professioneller Vermarktungsverträge");

  • Lecturer at the Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz for the lecture series on sports law;

  • Live telephone interview on the topic "FIFA Sponsoring Rights" on 14 May 2004,- Radio You FM;

  • "The Fight for the WM Championship, or: Who does German 2006 belong to?" ("Der Kampf um den WM-Titel, oder: Wem gehört Germany 2006?"), article in Horizont Sport Business in the issue 04/2004;

  • "Unrequested Work in Advertising: The Oliver Kahn Case as a Warning Example" ("Ungefragter Werbeeinsatz: Der Fall Oliver Kahn als warnendes Beispiel"), Newsletter Horizont Sport Business 04/2004;

  • "The Licensing Systems of DFL", lecturer at the T.M.C. Asser Institut in Utrecht during the event "Licensing Systems and the Financing of Professional Football in Europe" on 10 June 2003;

  • "Contracts, Clubs, Associations and the related Legal Issues and Potential Disputes" ("Verträge, Vereine, Verbände und die damit verbundenen Rechtsfragen und möglichen Streitfälle"), Bloomberg TV interview guest, Horizont Sport Business TV on 15 January 2003;

  • Live interview guest in the ZDF Sportstudio on the issue of reductions of salary in the National Football League on 30 November 2002;

  • "A good Contract never lands before the Courts" ("Ein guter Vertrag kommt nie vor Gericht"), interview published in Horizont Sport Business, issue 10/2002;

  • "Marketing of Sports Rights" ("Vermarktung von Sportrechten"), presentation at the ISLA Congress on 3 and 4 May 2002 in Klagenfurt;

  • "Marketing of Individual Athletes" ("Vermarktung individueller Athleten"), contribution to Sport Management Beck/Vahlen, publishers: Dr. Galli and Prof. Dr. Gömmel (University of Regensburg);

  • Presentation at the experts workshop "NADA – Possibilities on Establishing a Permanent Arbitral Tribunal" ("NADA- Möglichkeiten der Errichtung eines ständigen Schiedsgerichts") on 6 and 7. February 2002 at the Academy for Management and Administration of the German Athletic Association in Berlin;

  • "Marketing Rights and the Holders of the Rights" ("Vermarktungsrechte und ihre Träger") in "Marketing of Sports Rights" ("Vermarktung von Sportrechten"), ISLA publication, publisher: Dr. Fritzweiler, 2002;

  • "New Fifa-Transfer Rules", presentation at the congress "Football & Finance" , Madrid, 2002;

  • "Sports Arbitral Tribunals – Prerequisites for their Acceptance" ("Sportschiedsgerichte - Voraussetzungen für ihre Akzeptanz"), presentation during the seminar at the European Academy of Law on 28 November 2001 in Trier;

  • "Marketing national team image rights in Germany: And the winner is …", article in SportsandCharacter Licensing, 15 April 2001;

  • "Ducks in the EU Pond" ("Enten im EU-Teich") (guest comment on the dispute between the EU and the International Football Association FIFA), article in Horizont, issue 03/2001;

  • "Who has the Right to the Image of the National Team?  A Practical Analysis" ("Wer hat das Recht am Bild an der Nationalmannschaft? Eine Betrachtung aus praktischer Sicht"), presentation at the Academy for Management and Administration in Berlin of the German Sports Association in February 2001;

  • "The National Team as a Business – Source of Money for the Associations?!" ("Unternehmen Nationalmannschaft – Geldquelle der Verbände?!"), presentation during the seminar at the Management Academy for Management and Administration in Berlin on 12 February 2001;

  • Article "Who owns the Image of the National Team?"("Wem gehört das Bild an der Nationalmannschaft?"), lecture at the JuraForum Münster on 21 November 2000 in Münster;

  • "Sports between free and pay television: point of view of sports clubs", lecture at the conference of the European Academy of Law in Trier on 3 and 4 November 2000 in Athens;

  • "Virtual Advertising in Sports" ("Virtuelle Werbung im Sport"), lecture at the conference of the European Academy of Law on 19 and 20 October 2000 in Trier;

  • "Structuring Contracts in Practice" ("Die Praxis der Vertragsgestaltung") in "Marketing Rights in Sports" ("Vermarktungsrechte im Sport"), Academy for Management and Administration in Berlin of the German Sports Association, 1999, pp. 61-103;

  • "Initial Public Offering for a Football Club" ("Börseneinführung eines Fußballvereins"), together with Dr. Herbert Harrer in: Special Supplement, "Going Public" for the Börsenzeitung dated 25 April 1998;

  • "Enforceability of Athlete's Rights" ("Durchsetzbarkeit der Athletenrechte" in "Rights of Athletes" ("Rechte der Athleten"), Academy Publication of the Academy for Management and Administration in Berlin of the German Sports Association, 1997, pages 77 – 91;

  • "Model for a Marketing Structure using the Example of a National Football League" ("Gestaltung einer Vermarktungsstruktur am Beispiel eines Fußball-Bundesligavereins") in "Professional Clubs – Patent Recipe for all Leagues?" ("Profigesellschaften – Patentrezept für alle Ligen?"), Academy Publication of the Academy for Management and Administration in Berlin of the German Sports Association, 1996, pages 55-71.

  • since 2011 Partner at Klinkert;

  • 2001 – 2011 Partner at Ashurst, Frankfurt;

  • 1992 – 2001 Attorney and after 1994 Partner at Rädler Raupach Bezzenberger/Oppenhoff & Rädler;

  • 1991 – 1992 Attorney at Nabarro Nathanson, London;

  • 1989 – 1991 Attorney at Dr. Schlatter & Kollegen, Heidelberg;

  • 1987 - 1989 Doctoral Thesis in tax law at Prof. Dr. Paul Kirchhof, University of Heidelberg;

  • 1983 – 1986 Legal clerk and Second State Exam in Heidelberg;

  • 1977 – 1982 Study at the university of Heidelberg;

  • 1976 – 1977 Administrative inspector at the county offices in Karlsruhe;

  • 1972 – 1976 Training and studies in business management (technical university).

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