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Legal Field

Dr. Thomas Jochheim, Associate, specializes in the field of industrial property law, in particular trademark and unfair competition law as well as media and copyright law. A further area of his expertise is commercial and contract law.

As a graduate of the pharma law postgraduate study at the Marburg University he has received his doctoral degree on the topic “Parallel distribution of pharmaceuticals” and represents companies from the sectors of pharma, medical devices and the process industry in disputes relating to parallel importation, product piracy and any other legal infringements.

Out of court, his consultancy focus lies in drafting and negotiating contracts, in particular regarding e-commerce, licensing, digitalization, R&D and IoT.

Dr. Thomas Jochheim is co-author of the Law Handbook on Industry 4.0 and Internet of Things (C.H. Beck) and gives talks on the legal challenges of digitalization (inter alia the HANNOVER Fair 2017).

  • Counsel on legal aspects of the entertainment and media industry (music, film/television, press/print, photo, advertisement & promotion, e-commerce, sports, etc.) on issues relating to copyright and media law, publishing, press-, personality- and celebrity and merchandising
  • Advising and Litigation in the fields of trademark law, particularly for medical devices, luxury goods, precious metals and in the service sector
  • Advice in contract matters with regards to e-commerce, licensing, digitalization, R&D and IoT
  • Unfair trade matters with particular focus on matters of medical devices and building materials
  • Anti-piracy work, in particular border seizure, house search and monitoring sales platforms such as Ebay, Aliexpress and Quoka
  • Advice and litigation regarding the protection of business secrets and know-how
  • Advising the Deutsche Fußball Liga (DFL) in matters of copyright licensing and contracts
  • Counsel to a well-known music streaming-service in the field of media and copyright law
  • Representation of 1&1 Mail & Media at the German copyright tribunal in arbitration against the collection society VG Media in disputes over press publisher rights
  • Representation of companies of the Heraeus-Group in litigation over unfair competition in the areas of medical devices and over protection of trade secrets and know-how as well as in antitrust law
  • Advising and representation of several manufacturer of gold bars in tackling piracy and counterfeiting
  • Advising a German pharmaceutical company regarding development and implementation of a novel marketing concept
  • Representation of one of the world’s leading companies in the area of wound care in several trademark and unfair competition disputes
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  • "Parallel distribution of pharmaceuticals", doctorial dissertation, Marburg 2012

  • "Domains in the agency business after the „grundke.de“- decision", together with Dr. Stefanie Hellmich, K&R 2007, p. 494 ff.

  • Associate at Klinkert (2016)
  • Legal Counsel at Sky Deutschland AG (2015)
  • Associate at Klinkert (2013-2015)
  • Admitted to the bar (2013)

  • Legal clerkship at the Local Court of Frankfurt am Main with delegation to a law firm specialized in intellectual property law in Brisbane, Australia (Second State Exam, 2012)

  • PhD in the area of trademark and pharmaceutical law with Prof. Dr. Ralph Backhaus at the University of Marburg (2012)

  • Supplementary qualification in intellectual property law at the University of Muenster (2008-2009)

  • Supplementary qualification in pharmaceutical law at the University of Marburg (2006-2008)

  • Study of law at the University of Marburg (First State Exam, 2008)

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