Competition Law

The marketing and distribution of your products and services is the key to the success of your business.  All your activity in competition should be carefully considered and implemented without leaving openings for adverse legal action.  You must also be able to defend yourself when competitors attack you.

At Klinkert, we support your business with many years of experience and a view towards the overall situation

  • with advice already in the early phase when developing advertising concepts that will survive challenges under competition law, in order to avoid disputes;
  • with exactly fitted and effective strategies in out-of-court disputes;
  • with the effective enforcement of your interests in proceedings before the courts when defending against third parties or asserting your own cease and desist claims as well as claims for damages;
  • with specific industry knowledge, for example, in telecommunications, medicine, pharmaceuticals, chemistry, IT, automotive, food, cosmetics, construction, fashion, media/sports and entertainment;
  • with knowhow from our work protecting intellectual property and the technical as well as scientific aspects which must be prepared and demonstrated in order to achieve success;
  • with our expertise and experience also in related areas: life sciences, press and media law, antitrust law, trademarks and patents, commercial law, confidentiality and data protection.

Comprehensive advice in competition law requires meticulous attention to detail.  At Klinkert, we provide you with constructive and creative support, both for your legal department as well as directly for the regulatory, research and development, marketing and distribution departments:

  • in conducting examinations already in the planning phase for marketing materials, packaging design, advertising concepts and communications activities;
  • with innovative solutions that can survive litigation;
  • in existing disputes concerning cease and desist demands, issuing cease and desist declarations, filing protective briefs;
  • in the efficient assertion of your own cease and desist claims and claims for damages;
  • with in-house training sessions and seminars on current practical developments for your professionals.


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