Copyright and Media Law

Media companies must keep their eye on their strategic and operational goals while in respect of technological innovation, changed consumer preferences and new requirements in the law.

At Klinkert, the media industry is in our blood.  We provide support in structuring new technical and legal developments as well as in enforcement of or defense against claims before the courts.

We assist legal departments, specialized departments and project teams efficiently and competently with a practical focus:

  • in introducing and defending new types of business models, for example, in entertainment or Industry 4.0;
  • in the development and maintenance of company compliance for intellectual property rights with advice, for example, on contract and content management or workflows and with training sessions and practice seminars;
  • in the preparation, examination and negotiation of license agreements and other contracts;
  • in the evaluation of existing or planned business models and processes in order to avoid disputes;
  • in analyzing new legal requirements;
  • by clarifying new fundamental legal issues, for example, in copyright law which is greatly influenced by technical innovation;
  • in out-of-court disputes with cease and desist letters, issuing cease and desist declarations, asserting claims for damages and information or when filing protective briefs;
  • in leading cases and complex proceedings before courts and arbitral tribunals, including coordination of cross-border and foreign proceedings;
  • with deep knowledge of the industry, especially media, sports, entertainment, medicine, pharmaceuticals, IT, automotive, cosmetics and fashion.


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