Press Law / Libel

Articles in the press and in particular online-media are more effective, or introducing, or today than ever.  False statement and offending opinions can have a high potential risk for media companies as well as for the involved persons or businesses.  Careful examination and advice on publication helps avoid the risks, and after a release, smart handling of the resulting claims afterwards is critical.

At Klinkert, we advise with our extensive experience gained over the course of many years in the press and media industry both media companies in defending their interests and rights as well as prominent personalities and persons involved in large economic criminal matters when enforcing cease and desist claims, obtaining the right to make opposing statements, demanding corrections or damages.  We do this before the courts or out of court in a discreet manner or without any compromise, depending on the specific situation.

We support media companies for example

  • in defending claims under the law of the press governing reporting in word and images;
  • by internal training sessions, seminars or direct advice to editing departments and authors, also in order to relieve the burden on legal departments;
  • in all areas of the creative process, from the gathering of sources and information to the drafting and publication of texts;
  • in enforcing claims against public authorities for information.

We provide services to companies or persons affected by reporting

  • in the enforcement of claims under the law governing the press resulting from word and image reporting, for example, in the case of violation of personal publication rights;
  • in the structuring of public relations and press work and strategic communication involving litigation;
  • in responding to questions from the press.


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