Product Piracy

All industries are affected by product piracy.  In addition to financial damages caused, counterfeiters and counterfeit products often also lead to reputational harm for the affected companies which can, over the long term, even have a more detrimental effect than the initial the loss of sales.

Speed is absolutely essential in fighting product piracy. 

At Klinkert, we are the specialists for you when

  • enforcing your claims in temporary injunction proceedings;
  • also removing trade fair stands or having residences searched quickly;
  • in taking the, in the meantime, almost unavoidable measures against piracy under criminal law;
  • coordination with the state prosecutor and customs authorities;
  • in the case of product piracy in online trading, developing with you the strategic approach and implementing it for you;
  • especially proceeding against counterfeit producers in China together with our network of Chinese law firms and training the Chinese customs authorities;
  • especially in the case of counterfeit gold and other precious metal bars, successfully obtaining seizures at the border and obtaining searches for many well-known producers.


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