Transaction Advice

When your business expands and acquires or sells or integrates or establishes new companies or liquidates old companies, you want to place the emphasis on the proper points and focus on them in these types of transactions which involve high competitive pressure.

At Klinkert, we have well-established expertise in our M&A team and combine this for you in the context of intellectual property rights, technology, competition and sports.  You should have us in your team when you are planning your transaction. 

We provide competent and collegial advice

  • on all issues of corporate law, from establishing a company through transactions up to liquidation, from shareholders resolutions and the filing with the commercial register to planning and implementing complex international corporate structures;
  • on liability, risk, transferability and valuation in connection with IP/IT enterprise values (for example, patent protected technologies);
  • by providing and managing national and international teams of experts involving special aspects of transactions or for support in negotiation;
  • with special experience in the areas of sports and entertainment, telecommunications, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries.


Valuation, Intellectual Property Rights, Shareholders Resolution, Corporate Law, Liability, Commercial Register Filing, IP/IT Assets, Trademark Rights, Liquidation, M&A, Mergers and Acquisitions, Patent Protected Technologies, Private Equity, Transactions