Patent Law

Every successful innovation is imitated sooner or later.  That is the time at the latest when the company holding protective rights for its developments and also enforces and defends these rights has an advantage.  The competitive advantage provided by protective rights only continues if the rights are firmly asserted; otherwise, the advantage is lost without any chance for recovery.

At Klinkert, we dedicate our full attention and experience to protecting your know-how. We effectively and successfully support you

  • in litigation and advice in the field of patent law;
  • in addition to legal expertise, also with the necessary technical understanding of the developments in the field, for example, in medical technology, pharmaceuticals, chemistry, IT, automotive, food, cosmetics, construction and fashion;
  • as attorneys who can use in each specific case the cooperation with leading patent attorneys in the respective field.  For example, we also work particularly well with patent attorneys who have successfully obtained patents for the client's inventions in patents over the course of many years;
  • in patent law infringement disputes, nullity proceedings, vindication complaints or transfers of rights;
  • in the negotiation of R&D and license agreements;
  • in transactions where we are often involved by law firms that do not have this specialization in, for example, due diligence, issues involving evaluation and employee inventions;
  • with optimum litigation strategies also in light of international aspects:  Success in proceedings can be determined, for example, by the choice of jurisdiction in light of the benefits and disadvantages of the national legal system or the use of special national aspects in obtaining and securing evidence.  We have been able to use knowledge gained in the preparation and involvement in US American discovery proceedings in proceedings in Germany;
  • by our proven network of foreign law firms which we manage as lead counsel in the planning and coordination of cross-border as well as foreign proceedings.


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