Data Protection

Big Data has become an extremely important aspect of business, not only with a focus on online business and technology, but also for companies in the "old" economy.  However, large volumes of data can only be consistently processed and used successfully where data protection is included as a core aspect.

At Klinkert, we work with issues under data protection law in all commercial, competition, technology and media matters, and we understand why specific data are processed and how they are processed.

We have many years of experience in providing advice in this area as a result of working for companies on the front line of technology development in the of Industry 4.0, digitalization and entertainment when

  • introducing new business models that are subject to the comprehensive requirements of data protection law;
  • implementing internal compliance structures;
  • preparing materials for consumers, for example, data privacy statements;
  • handling and protecting non-personal data, for example, equipment generated data, for example, protection of secrets, copyright law and when structuring cooperation and license agreements;
  • fulfilling all duties related to information and reporting on the use of data;
  • making necessary agreements with public authorities;
  • negotiating and concluding cooperation agreements and license agreements for the exchange and handling of non-personal data.


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