Procurement Law

No public contract without a contract award. Therefore, there is great competition for the award of public contracts and this is regulated accordingly; bidders as well as customers must be careful in this tough competition and must be well prepared in order to be able to survive.

At Klinkert, we advise you and represent your interests in advance of the bidding, during the procedure as well as before the courts if there is a dispute. 

We have many years of experience in providing service to

  • both customers as well as bidders;
  • in the structuring and planning of the tender process in order to avoid procedural errors, delays or even claims for damages;
  • in preparing and conducting the contract award process;
  • in subsequent examination proceedings before the public contracting chambers or in the case of immediate objections before the public contracting divisions at the Court of Appeals;
  • in claims for damages based on the accusation of conduct in violation of public contracting law;
  • with a special emphasis on the award of contracts for services in public local transit and airports, the healthcare sector and construction.


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