Arbitration is often chosen in the case of disputes in national and international business as a fast and cost-efficient alternative to litigation before the courts.

Many arbitration institutions are frequently used and have their own rules of arbitration, deciding in many areas, such as commercial disputes, M&A disputes (Post M&A), issues of intellectual property and copy light or in sports: ICC, DIS, LCIA, SCC, VIAC, Swiss Chambers, CAS or BAT, and there is also ad hoc arbitration proceedings.

At Klinkert, we have many years of experience in national and international arbitration as legal counsel acting on behalf of the parties as well as in the capacity as arbitrators. We provide to our clients

  • quick and cost-efficient resolution of arbitration disputes which specifically in international matters can often start to run out of control due to unintentionally involved procedural aspects, such as document production under the Anglo-American legal system;
  • customized advice for the client and the specific industry which exhausts all possibilities for amicable resolution in the negotiation of settlements or mediation before the situation develops any further;
  • advice and coordination of international arbitration proceedings with our proven network of foreign partner law firms;
  • counsel both before and after the actual arbitration proceedings, for example, when drafting an appropriate arbitration agreement or enforcing an arbitral award in various jurisdictions.


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