Life Sciences 

The Life Sciences sector includes medical devices, pharmaceuticals, food and special nutrition. The sector is highly innovative, and companies operating in these fields often face litigation of a particularly challenging nature, involving patents, know-how and trademarks or regulatory issues and competition law.

At Klinkert, we specialize in intellectual property and competition law with the relevant legal issues and regulatory requirements.

Our extensive experience includes our lawyers also having worked in-house at world-renowned pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies and our considerable know-how benefits you in many ways

  • negotiation of non-disclosure agreements;
  • negotiation of research and development agreements;
  • preparation of agreements on licenses and contract manufacturing and distribution;
  • product liability issues;
  • trademarks, pharmaceuticals and competition law: creating contracts, developing new market strategies and advertising campaigns, as well as enforcing claims before the courts;
  • patent law, particularly diagnostics and medical devices;
  • parallel imports and branding issues;
  • forming new co-operations in the healthcare sector, particularly with regard to compliance.


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