Domain Law

In the age of the internet and one digital world, your company domains are just as important as your company name and product brands.  Domains give you a profile in competition and enable your customers to find you.

We protect and defend your domain rights and assert your claims against domain infringers with fast, effective and international proceedings out of court as well as before the courts or in arbitration.  Arbitration proceedings are conducted for national de. domains before the Deutsches Network Information Center (DENIC), and for other generic top level domains (so-called gTLDs), arbitration proceedings are conducted, among other places, before the WIPO under the UDRP rules.  Our attorneys have successfully conducted many of these proceedings and are extremely well acquainted with, and have helped to form the case law of the WIPO panels.

At Klinkert, we advise you specifically about

  • the development of domain portfolios;
  • protective measures for your domains;
  • purchasing and selling domain names, also on an anonymus basis.

We advise and represent you before the courts

  • when defending domain rights asserted by third parties;
  • against unjustified cease and desist letters;
  • when enforcing your claims against domain infringers;
  • when competitors illegally register domains.


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