Dr. Friedrich Klinkert, Partner, specializes in litigation matters relating to patents, trade secrets, copyrights and unfair competition. more

Piet Bubenzer, Partner, is a certified specialist attorney for copyright and media law (“Fachanwalt für Urheber- und Medienrecht”). more

Nora Keßler advises companies in the fields of pharmaceuticals, medical technology, cosmetics and fashion as well as representing them in legal disputes over intellectual property, patents and in matters of unfair competition more

Christine Gärtner, LL.M. (Dallas) is a partner of the firm and specializes in conflict resolution. She advises companies, entrepreneurial families, corporate bodies and associations on complex issues, governance topics and in crisis situations as well as before German courts and arbitration tribunals. more

Annett Rombach, LL.M. (University of Miami), partner, advises in the multifaceted fields of Sports law and in international commercial and sports arbitration matters. more

PD Dr. Moritz Pöschke, LL.M. (Harvard) is a partner of the firm and advises German and foreign clients on all areas of corporate, accounting and capital markets law. more

Christian Frodl, LL.M. (University of Melbourne), Counsel, specializes in advising the sports and media industries. more

Dr. David Jahn, Of Counsel, is an expert in Copyright & Media Law, including Press and Personal Rights, as well as in IT Law and Data Protection Law. His expertise extends to commercial and e-commerce law. Dr. David Jahn is a certified data protection officer (TÜV). more

David Müller, MBA (Bayreuth), Associate, advises on all aspects of sports law, antitrust law and commercial law. He has particular experience in sports-related legal matters, in litigation matters and in the drafting of complex contracts. In addition, David Müller has a master's degree in Sports Management. more

Christoph Palzer, Associate, is specialized in Antitrust Law, Intellectual Property Law and the Law Against Unfair Competition. more

Cilia Krutz, Associate, is specialized in intellectual property law, in particular copyright and media law. An additional focus of her work is in competition law and data protection law. more

Jonas Kronen, Associate, advises our clients in arbitration and state court proceedings relating to national and international disputes in the fields of sports law. more

Larissa Siegel, Associate, is active in intellectual property law, especially in the fields of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and life science. more