Litigation is one of our main practice areas.  Anyone intending to be successful in this field must be clever and able to fight hard.  Our experts are known for high profile litigation, i.e. litigation at a top international level. 

At Klinkert, we represent you with many years of experience, also gained in international large law firms,

  • in complex commercial and corporate law disputes;
  • in complex patent disputes and other IP-litigation;
  • in disputes involving competition and trademarks law;
  • in intricate legal disputes involving the law governing the press and free speech;
  • in disputes related to banking, capital markets and accounting law;
  • in Post M&A disputes;
  • also in cross-border legal disputes with our proven network of highly specialized colleagues in foreign countries;
  • with optimum litigation strategies, also taking into account the international aspects. A decisive factor in successful litigation is often obtaining and securing evidence.  We took innovative action and have received international recognition by successfully using information obtained in US American discovery proceedings.


Discovery Proceedings, Corporate Law, Trademark Law, Media Law, Litigation, Patent Disputes, Trials, Thinking out of the Box, Competition Law, Economic Criminal Law, Civil Law, Arbitration Board