Sport and Sports Industry

An attorney can only successfully advise and be involved in the sports industry if he is familiar with the participants and especially the customs. Only someone who speaks the language of sports can be successful when concluding, for example, sponsoring or sports marketing contracts.

At Klinkert, we have provided advice for a very long time in the entire range of sports and sports law. We are regular participants in litigation and arbitration involving sports as representatives of the parties and arbitrators, above all in Switzerland (Court of an Arbitration for Sports/CAS; Basketball Arbitral Tribunal/BAT).

We support you with this experience and a large network in sports

  • in legal and general contract structuring;
  • in player transfers, above all in large national and international transfers of professional football players;
  • in strategic transactions;
  • in proceedings before the courts and in arbitration;
  • with solutions which avoid disputes and will survive before the courts if there is an issue;
  • in questions of general marketing of sports events, clubs and individual athletes;
  • in international structuring measures, spin-offs and in daily business, especially in employment and service relationships;
  • in all sponsoring related questions;
  • in sports marketing and sponsoring, in general terms and conditions and in issues of liability.


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