Protection of Know-how / Trade Secrets

Oblaining patents for inventions always goes along disclosure to the public.  In order to keep their developments secret, many companies decide to protect their inovative knowledge as business secrets.  Such business secrets are at great risk from industrial espionage or betrayal. You can effectively counter this threat. 

At Klinkert, we protect your business secrets by

  • quick, effective action already at the first suspicion of betrayal of secrets or industrial espionage;
  • combined measures in civil law proceedings (to procure evidence, obtain prohibition on use and disclosure and also in preliminary injunction proceedings) and by initiating and advising on criminal prosecution;
  • further prosecution in main proceedings in civil law to eliminate the harm and obtain damages and representation of the injured client as a plaintiff in criminal proceedings;
  • cross-border and foreign proceedings which we centrally coordinate as lead counsel with our proven network of foreign specialized law firms;
  • many years of experience in negotiating and litigating. 
  • Attorneys from Klinkert were the first law firm in the field of industrial espionage in proceedings before German courts to obtain discovery in the USA for use in foreign litigation under 28 USC § 1782. 
  • We were also one of the first law firms to use these remedies in the case of infringement of business secrets in comparable measures in France, The Netherlands and Italy.



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